ceramics individually hand-crafted
to bring bliss & tranquility
into your  life

artist * visionary * founder
brand identity * web design
social media * content creation

I fell in love with ceramics during my first hand-building class in university, circa 2015. In 2020, after taking a brief hiatus to travel, I started hand-building again and began selling my ceramic pieces at Jume (fka Toko Toko), Postcard, and Afends stores in Byron Bay. This  business would become the place for me to cut my teeth on many new disciplines, including brand building, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

I’ve always been drawn to & captivated by colour, for I believe it is truly powerful & transformative.  The way it makes you feel, how it changes when sunlight hits, its ability to bring things to life.  I find inspiration in the colours of nature, from vibrant fresh fruit, flowers, and foliage to sunlit reflections  on bodies of water.   Without colour, quelle.cool would cease to exist.

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